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Wood Violins Stingray Pro 5-string electric violin, Purple Lightning custom finish

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Giving a whole new meaning to 'electric violin,' this custom finished Stingray Pro from Wood Violins puts on a show of its own. Its heavily figured top looks like storm clouds roiling over the open plains, while a heat lightning darts across the logo on the side visible to your audience.

Featuring upgrades that include gorgeous custom finishes, Wittner FineTune pegs, and higher quality quality chin rest and strings, the Stingray Pro offers an excellent step up from the Stingray SVX.


  • Wittner FineTune internally geared pegs
  • Tailpiece with integrated fine tuners
  • 1/4" jack
  • Case included
  • Accommodates standard violin shoulder rests (shoulder rest not included)

If you need "silent" practice capability, consider adding a basic effects processor, which can do double duty as a headphone amp, allowing you to practice through headphones, with or without effects.

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