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ZETA CV45 Jazz Classic 5-string violin, Cremona Burst finish

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If you like a classic looking violin and also love the rich, smooth Jazz sound that Jean-Luc Ponty made famous, this stunning CV45 'Jazz Classic' from ZETA might be the perfect electric violin for you. The figuration of its roasted quilt maple top is accented by Zeta's richly colored Creamona burst finish. Not to be upstaged, the neck is carved from a vividly flamed, subtly roasted piece of maple.

Zeta's flagship Jazz bridge brings home the tone, with a warm, silky sound. Thanks to its heralded design, the Jazz bridge transmits very little bow noise.

A custom Zeta case is included.

The 'Classic' is an ideal instrument for a more traditional player, as it looks and feels the most like a "regular" violin.

The Jazz bridge delivers a clean, electric violin tone that is favored by artists world-wide. The overall sound of the Jazz bridge is full and satisfying, and it transmits less bow change sound than than almost any other piezo transducer system.

The Jazz Bridge has 2 sensors per string, and is much thicker than ZETA’s other bridges. It is height adjustable with a tiny allen wrench. There are two directional piezo pickups per string, perpendicular to each other. They read the movement of the string at 90 degree angles, effectively canceling out unwanted harmonics and bow noise. Each paired pickup signal is divided and run to separate internal gain controls so that the string level can be balanced for analog uses, while allowing the output to be separated cleanly for MIDI applications.

With its integrated MIDI output the ZETA Jazz Classic is compatible for use with the Roland GR-55 Synthesizer, which works as both a self-contained MIDI effects unit or as a MIDI-to-computer interface for MIDI recording (or even notation) in a DAW. ZETA's special 8-to-13 pin MIDI adaptor cables are sold separately in 12' and 20' lengths. Also compatible with the legacy ZETA Synthony (specific adaptor cable required).

A custom Zeta hard shell case is included.

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